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If you’ve become injured or ill because of your job, contact an experienced Chapel Hill workers comp attorney for help collecting the workers compensation benefits you deserve.

However temporary it is, not being able to earn a living can wreak havoc on your life. Few workers have the savings necessary to support their families while they’re out of work and recovering from an injury. This can often lead to financial stress and an even more difficult recovery.

Fortunately, nearly every employer in North Carolina is required to provide employees with workers compensation insurance coverage to protect them in situations like this. Getting your workers comp claim approved should be a simple task, but insurance companies are infamous for wrongfully denying claims.

Having a qualified Chapel Hill workers comp lawyer from Ricci Law Firm, PA by your side can help you secure the funds you need while you’re unable to work.

Criteria for Workers Comp Approval in North Carolina

In almost every case, your employers are required to have you covered under their workers comp insurance policies. This insurance should allow you to take time off and still support yourself and your family in the event of an on-the-job injury or illness.

After your Chapel Hill workman’s comp claim has been approved, you can expect to begin collecting your workers compensation benefits. Benefits can include the following, depending on your unique situation:

  • Two-thirds of your average weekly income
  • Death benefits, where applicable
  • The medical costs relating to your illness or injury

The amount of time you’ll be able to collect benefits will be largely based on the impairment rating given to you by your treating physician. This will determine how many weeks you’ll be able to collect your workers comp benefits, although many workers are able to receive benefits until they are able to return to work.

Fighting a Work Comp Denial in Chapel Hill

Unfortunately, many injured workers in North Carolina find themselves facing a denied claim. Your workers comp claim could be denied for any number of reasons. The insurers might claim you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you were injured, or perhaps they believe you are exaggerating the extent of your injuries.

Whatever the reason, your work comp attorney in Chapel Hill can review your case to determine whether it is appropriate to file an appeal, as well as your chances of having your denial reversed. If your attorney believes you have a strong case, we will begin negotiating with the insurance company or exploring more serious legal action.

Should the insurer decide to uphold your denial, we may request a hearing with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Contact a Chapel Hill Workers Comp Attorney

When you need help securing the workers compensation benefits you’re entitled to, contact a qualified Chapel Hill workers comp lawyer at Ricci Law Firm, PA. You can schedule your free, no-obligation consultation by calling our office at 252-752-7785 or by completing the convenient contact form at the bottom of this page.



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