Car Accident at Work in Durham

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is bad enough, but when your accident happens while you’re working, it can be confusing to determine what your next steps should be. Should you file a claim in civil court against the liable party?

Perhaps, but there may be another way to obtain the compensation you need to provide for yourself and your family while you’re out of work. Continue reading to learn more about when you can secure workers compensation benefits for a car accident at work and when your claim probably won’t be approved.

You’re Covered under These Circumstances

There are a few different situations under which you’ll be able to obtain workers compensation benefits. The general rule is if your condition was caused by the work you do, then your claim for benefits should be approved. You can see how this can get complicated when you’re involved in a car accident at work.

First, if your job is to drive for a living, whether that be as a delivery driver, a public transportation driver, a school bus driver, or an employee doing any other type of driving as your job, you should qualify for workman’s comp.

There is also the special errand rule, which enables workers who are performing tasks for their employers to collect workers comp in Durham if they’ve been injured in a wreck while doing so. For instance, if you work for a business and your boss asks you to make a bank run on your lunch break, you should be covered if you happen to get into a car accident on the way or on the way back.

What’s more, employees who are required to drive a company car or be transported to or from work each day could apply for workers compensation benefits in the event that they crash. However, this is not always the case, and your lawyer will need to know more about the details of your crash before they can determine if you’ll meet the eligibility requirements under these circumstances.

When You Won’t Qualify for Benefits

We can almost guarantee that if you’re injured in a motor vehicle wreck while you are on your way into work or coming home from work that you won’t be entitled to workers comp benefits. The “coming and going” rule clearly states that your daily commute is not considered part of your work responsibilities, and as such, you won’t be entitled to work comp benefits for a car accident on your commute.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. During your initial consultation you can work with your attorney to see if your car accident injuries will meet the criteria for work comp in Durham.

Get in Touch with a Durham Workers Compensation Lawyer

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