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A mesothelioma diagnosis can dramatically alter the course of your life. When your condition relates to your work conditions, you can usually obtain workers comp benefits while you’re unable to work. Reach out to a qualified Durham mesothelioma attorney for assistance.

As if being diagnosed with mesothelioma wasn’t bad enough, now you’ll have to figure out how you’ll be able to provide for your family since you’ll need to take time off from work in order to treat your condition. Fortunately, your employer’s workers compensation insurance benefits should be available to you once you file your claim in Durham.

You shouldn’t be stuck covering the costs that will come as you go through treatment for this aggressive form of cancer. The insurance company should foot the bill so that you can recuperate without financial anxieties. A Durham mesothelioma lawyer at Ricci Law Firm, P.A. is prepared to represent you so that the insurance company upholds their financial obligations to your mesothelioma claim.

What Is Mesothelioma?

If this is just the beginning of your road to recovery, you might still be learning about the condition that you were diagnosed with. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops in your abdomen, lungs, or heart after you’ve been exposed to asbestos. Unfortunately, there is no cure for mesothelioma, and the majority of those diagnosed with it do not have a good prognosis.

Mesothelioma can be treated surgically, with radiation, or with chemotherapy, but in most cases, the goal is simply to make the patient as comfortable as possible. This is due to the fact that there is no cure, and by the time someone is officially diagnosed with mesothelioma, the cancer is usually already in an advanced stage, unfortunately.

When You Can Obtain Workers Comp for Mesothelioma

Your employer more than likely is required by law to carry workers comp coverage, and as long as your work exposed to you asbestos, you should qualify for workers compensation benefits.

Construction workers, those who work in shipyards, and contractors are most frequently diagnosed with mesothelioma, as asbestos was frequently used in building materials as late as the 1970s. Your attorney will gather the evidence that establishes your condition was caused by exposure to asbestos while you were at work.

Your Workers Compensation Benefits

Once your claim for benefits has been approved, the insurance company is going to provide you with a number of benefits. These include:

Obtaining these benefits is critical to ensuring that your quality of life is maintained as much as possible as you go through treatment. Your attorney can help get your claim approved so that you don’t run into financial struggles on top of your cancer diagnosis.

Contact a Durham Mesothelioma Attorney

When you’ve been diagnosed with work-related mesothelioma, you can enlist the legal services of a regarded Durham mesothelioma lawyer at Ricci Law Firm, P.A.

We are proud to offer those suffering with this unfortunate cancer diagnosis a free case review where we can learn more about how your diagnosis came to be. You can take advantage of this opportunity by giving our office a call at 252-752-7785 or by completing the brief contact form we’ve provided below.



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