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When you’ve fallen ill at work and you need to take some time off to recover, you may be entitled to North Carolina workers compensation benefits. Get in touch quickly with an experienced Fayetteville work illness attorney who can help you file your claim or beat a denial.

Being sick for a day is one thing, but when you come down with a condition that could keep you out of work for an extended period of time, you may be wondering how you’ll be able to provide for your family. Luckily, you should be covered under your employer’s workers comp insurance policy, as required by North Carolina law.

At Ricci Law Firm, P.A., we are passionate about helping workers who’ve become ill secure the benefits they need to recuperate while they’re unable to earn a living. When you need assistance getting your claim filed, or if you need help getting a denied claim overturned, reach out to one of our highly trained attorneys for help from a Fayetteville work illness lawyer.

Types of Work Illnesses

Work-related illness are more common than you might think. When you’ve been exposed to something at work that caused you to become sick, you should have no problem securing workman’s comp benefits. Unfortunately, it’s rarely that easy, which is why you may need an attorney to represent your case. Some of the different types of work illnesses that are more prevalent than others include:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Mental health conditions
  • HIV/AIDS/hepatitis
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Heart-related conditions

These conditions can strike in all sorts of work environments. Whether you work at a construction site, in a factory, in an office, or anywhere else, you never would have expected to be exposed to something that caused any of the previously mentioned illnesses at work. This is why you should be able to secure workers compensation benefits.

You could be facing a significant amount of time out of work or even be unable to return to work under certain circumstances. Read on to learn more about how you can get your claim for benefits approved.

Getting Approved for Workers Compensation Benefits

When you’re hoping to get approved for workman’s comp, you’ll be happy to know that the burden of proof is only to establish that your illness was caused by the conditions of your work environment. When we prove that you wouldn’t be sick if it weren’t for the work you perform for your employer, you should be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

These benefits will include approximately 66 percent of your average weekly earnings, coverage of your medical bills, death benefits if a loved one passes away due to a work-related illness, and vocational opportunities if you won’t be able to return to your previous position.

However, just because you qualify for benefits, that doesn’t mean you’ll be approved. In fact, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to fight back and assert, for example, that your condition was actually preexisting. Your lawyer will build your case so that there is no doubt that your illness stems from your job.

Reach Out to a Work Illness Lawyer in Fayetteville

If you’d like to speak with a seasoned Fayetteville work illness lawyer at Ricci Law Firm, P.A. about the details of your condition, you can schedule your free claim evaluation today by completing the contact form we’ve provided below or by calling our office directly at 252-752-7785.



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